Time For A Change

Considering Selling Your Business?

The optical market has and continues to change. New industry players, margin pressures, technology advancements and new marketing channels combine to make it an increasingly challenging market. 

Therefore, independent business owners are selling for peace of mind and to ultimately achieve the exit they require at that point in their personal and professional life. 

Have The Conversation With The Optical Company

The Optical Company was founded in 2006, quickly establishing itself as a leading Australian optical group. Through both immediate and phased acquisition, The Optical Company owns and operates a large network of optical stores including iconic brands nib Eye Care, Kevin Paisley Fashion Eyewear, Optical Warehouse and Stacey & Stacey Optometrists.

All retail brands within The Optical Company family have a strong independent value proposition underpinned by an optometry focus, local brand identity, quality products and services and close health fund alliances. Integrating and continuing the culture instilled by you and your team will be important in preserving and building upon the reputation of the business within the local community.

Each seller’s circumstance is unique and therefore we do not adopt a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach to acquisitions, rather considering the seller’s priorities and structuring a deal that suits.
Below are some of the key considerations that will be covered:


A valuation based on store performance, track record and assets.


An agreed payment plan to suit both parties.


None. We do not tie in valuation to future performance. We pay you for what your business is worth today, not what it will or won’t be in 3-5 years’ time and won’t penalise you for change in business performance.


Leave the business either in the short term or medium to long term.

If you think your business aligns with The Optical Company’s core values of integrity, superior service, and exceptional quality, and if you’re interested in considering an immediate or phased long-term sale of your business we would be pleased to discuss opportunities with you.

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